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About me


I am based in Tadley, Hampshire. 


I am a hardworking, creative and dedicated artist who enjoys exploring different techniques and developing new skills. I have been interested in applying these skills to the gaming and film industry, as these have always been a passion of mine. My main interests lie in Military History; I find studying arms and armour fascinating, and take great interest in researching all historical periods.


I also enjoy the science fiction and fantasy genres, such as Star Wars, 40k ,Tolkien and Marvel. All of these elements add to the development of my artwork. One of my main hobbies is exploring - whether it is in the Irish Glens, Scottish Highlands or the great Khmer Temples; I have always enjoyed learning new cultures and environments, as well as use the scenery to further boost my visual library.


I have recently taken up Historical European Martials Arts (HEMA), which has broadened my understanding of how people fought historically, and this has allowed me to create more authentic and thought out artwork. 

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