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I am based in Tadley, Hampshire. 


As an artist, what makes me stand out is my passion for research and looking at the details. I will always look to improve my skills with knowledge and a lot of practice. My main interests lie in Military History; I find studying arms and armour fascinating, and take great interest in researching all historical periods. I also enjoy the science fiction and fantasy genres, such as Star Wars, 40k, Tolkien and Marvel. All of these elements add to the development of my artwork.

Historical European Martial Arts

I am an instructor at Basingstoke HEMA. I teach techniques fighting from the 14th to the 19th centuries. For the most part I specialise in German, Italian and English Longsword. However, Sword and buckler and English Backsword are other areas of focus. All lessons require a good amount of research, and reading of the original manuals of the time.This knowledge of history and martial skill, gives me the edge in creating accurate and practical art and designs.


I have a YouTube channel called ‘Robbie McSweeney’, which discusses a wide variety of topics about film, games, history and zoology. Click Here to view my YouTube channel.

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